The Lisbon International Advertising Festival will be on the 20th of September 2018


In 1945 the portuguese left Lisbon in a discovery journey, aiming to find a world that was - until then - unknown to the europeans. In about a century, the portuguese found many lands in África, arrived in Brasil, Índia, Timor and China. It wasn't long until the portuguese people became one of the biggest international water potencies, recognised for promoting the international trade between all these cultures and for standing as one of the main propellants of the discovery of mankind's future. 


Now six centuries have gone by and Lisbon International Advertising Festival launches a challenge to the advertising industry so that it can reinvent itself and depart in search for its future. If in other times it was the portuguese caravels that left Lisbon in search of the world, now it is the advertising world that gathers in Lisbon to find itself.


Are you ready for the journey? 


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